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Environmental Compliance
What Can We Do For You?
What's important to you is important to us. At Environmental Focus we have several packages available to suit all businesses. This ensures that you get the most from us and that we offer you the best service possible. Our packages are comprehensive, aiming at achieving compliance against the relevant environmental legislation, which governs how you operate. 

Below are the packages we offer.
  1. Annual Package Deals
    Our tailor made packages encompass an in depth service of Environmental Management for you and your business. The packages will ensure that if the advice is followed then your site will be the envy of others and more attractive to new customers..
  2. SI Reports
    Whatever the project requirements we can provide a comprehensive SI report that will cover all elements of environmental assessment enabling you to operate more efficiently. Our reports are detailed and in line with the requirements of CLR11.
  3. CAR Form reviews
    Do you ever read or contest your CAR forms? If not, why not? These are the basis of both enforcement action and compliance banding (therefore fees you pay). CAR forms are not always correct and need to be reviewed and challenged where appropriate. As ex-regulators, we are perfect for the job.
  4. CL:aire CoP Documents
    We have produced an array of materials management plans that enables the use of soils on the open market without the need for waste management controls. We can help you streamline the way in which the business is run to ensure that clean and viable product materials are produced.
  5. Permit & Exemption Applications
    Our services include all work that surrounds permit applications. This includes applications for new permits, variation applications, transfer applications, surrender and part surrender applications. We also register and advise the correct exemptions for sites if applicable.
  6. EMS writing & Risk Assessments
    EMS documentation are a vital part of environmental permitting and are key to a well run site. We offer an EMS creation and amendment service that allows you to operate effectively and compliantly. Risk assessments are formulated as part of any good EMS and include new Fire prevention plans.
  7. Biomass Boilers
    We offer an application service for Biomass Boiler authorisations from the local authorities. These applications are required even if you are only using virgin timber products. Part B or A2 applications both require full authorisation to be in place before the boiler is operational.
  8. EMS Audits & Fire Plans-FPMP
    Audits are a vital part of any compliant site who is looking to improve performance. We offer a service of carrying out full site audits and report writing as well as audits that are focused on certain areas of the permit including Fire Prevention & Mitigation Plans.
  9. Duty of Care Compliance
    Duty of Care covers many aspects of transportation, handling and movement of wastes. Our services provide you with the advice that will ensure that you remain compliant with the legislation. We can help you decide if items are waste or not and so whether the requirements are applicable to you and your business.

Soil Analysis

Enforcement Notices

We can provide chemical soil analysis to determine whether it is suitable for the use you have intended. 

This is vital in ensuring that you comply with the correct legislation and do not illegally use your materials.
If you have an Enforcement Notice served on you by the Regulator, we can help.

With vast experience in helping sites both comply and advise on how to comply with enforcement notices; Environmental Focus is the perfect choice to assist you in this tricky time.